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For  mer informasjon ring eller skriv. More info , please contact me .

Mobil 0047 9208 1855, E-mail:


mvh Jannikke


Before you e-mail us, please read our sale terms:

At (N) Du Monet we are very selective for the sale of our kittens.  Please give these following information when contacting us, as this will enable me to respond faster.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself,  if you are a breeder and your cattery name. Send me also your homepage adress.

2. Are you enquiring for a pet, breeder or show ?

3. Witch country do you live in and what is your location ?

4. Your telephone number and referances please.

All cats are delivered in excelent health and with a fresh health certificate by our city vet. at Bønes Dyreklinikk. All kittens will be miocrochipped and have theire 2 shots and healthcertificate. Delivered with a FIFe pedigree .

We prefer that you come and pick up the kitten , or pay me for bringing it. Our kittens are registrated in NRR/FIFE.

We will however reserve the right to refuse to sell any kitten/cats pictured on this webside at anytime.

All kittens/cats are placed with NRR's standard contract.

Dont forget to include shipping costs, speciale extras shots , treatments etc for your country, special tests - plus the cost of the cat.


Kitten description

Description regarding the quality of the kittens can vary from one breeder to another.

At Du Monet cattery the most importent is that you choose your kitten with the heart. Remember it is going to be an important member of your family as well as a future breeding queen or showcat - or just as a beloved companion.



KITTENS SOLD AS PETS: Those kittens for compagny does not respond to all the characteristics of the race. We therefor demand it to be neutered/spayed, or it can be done by request before leaving us.
BREEDER QUALITY : Those cats with a fantastic pedigree and potential to breed excellent Show Quality cats type depending knowledge and mates made by its new owner. Cats sold as breeding quality may NOT be exhibited in cat shows, unless its evolution and development considers to be able to be presented. We must agree to this in advance.


BREEDER/SHOW QUALITY: Those cats with fantastic pedigree and great potential to reproduce excellent Show Quality cats. Depending on excellent care of its owner, the preferences of the judges by race, a quality Show Cat could get major titles as IC, GIC, SC, or even better as Nominations and Best In Shows.

TOP SHOW QUALITY: We don´t classify cats in this quality, we think a Top Show Cat is a cat showed with excellent care and excellent presentation to the judges of their owner. REMEMBER - without proper showgrooming, proper feeding and care, any potential showkitten leaving us may not show its full potential without all this from its new owner. PLEASE NOTE that we can not guarentee a title at a feline exhibition due to the competition and also to the cares requested for the kittens !


*We reserve the right of refusing to sell a kitten without any explanation./Vi bruker vår rett til å kunne nekte salg av en kattunge uten å måtte forklare.


We are feeding our cats with *Eucanuba* . Inbetween we give them wetfood as a treat, 1-2 times a day. Not mutch as it is not suppose to be theire main food.


Sorry, no stud service




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Kittengallery from 2005 and back to 1991 ( under heavy construction )