Here I like to present some of my kittens during many years ( I have been breeding  for almost 20 years now)

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Our Victorias Secret around 3 months.


The Legend, moved to Holland

Prince. lives in Tromsų

Lily-Of-The-Valley, lives at Misty


Our lovely Elisabeth as a young lady

Our beautiful Guess

Me and Legend befor he moved to The Netherland

"Lillemascot", lives in Bergen

Playboy, lives in Midth Norway

Bully I, moved to Sweden

Rolex - lives in Oslo

same boy

Charmed boy ( it is a boy!)

Commo'n and Kiss Me, moved to Sweden

Donna Karan as baby, lives at Misty

Guess as very young baby

Our dear Elvis

Red Dragon only 2 months old, lives near Oslo

Donna Karan again

Bella as kitten, moved to Stavanger

Lord of T'Rings, moved to Finland


B Gent L, lives in Bergen

Bully I, Sweden

Christian Dior, Sweden

Claude, Norway

Donatella Versace - became "King of Cats" ( BEST OF BEST ALL BREED!!)

only 3 months old!!, moved to Tromsų


Eye Envy, norway


Eyecatcher, lives in Norway

Boucheron as kitten, lived at Misty


Goggen ( Van Gogh), moved to UK

Gorgeous, lives in Norway


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