Justice, lives in Oslo

LionHeart, went to UK

The Legend went to Holland


"Too Mutch", moved to Sweden

Marilyn Monroe - lives with Laila

Omen II, - Moved to Tom Aron ( Andre )

Marque and Rolex -Marilyns babies

"Charmed" - our tortiebaby boy!


Paris by night

Thunder moved to Karin

Phantom, went to Spain

Royal Export , went to UK

Storm, moved to May-Britt

Our darling Trèsor as a very young kitten ( 3 weeks)

Our Vandetta as a young lady


The Legend, went to The Netherland

Marilyn Monroe

Charmed Boy again

Me and Phantom

Richard Burton, litterbrother to our Elisabeth Taylor :-) lives in Bergen

Sensational our "Sassy"

Royal Export went to UK

Scandal went to UK



Tempie again



Phantere de Cartier - moved to Gerd