Here I like to present some of my cats and kittens during many years ( I have been breeding  for almost 30 years now)

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Photos from 2009 too 2012



She look So Cute!



Christian Lacroix

Angelina and Wild Card


Sandstorm - Norway


Wild Card - Norway

Sandstorm - Norway

She Look So Cute ! - Stayed with us


Jimmy Choo - Norway


Why Not Me and Drama - Norway

3 months old Jack Sparrow- South Africa


Bold & Beautiful - Norway

Mike Delfino - Norway


Iced Diamond - UK

Wish You - Norway


Elisabeth Arden

Varg Veum sold but came back and stayed with us til he died 11 years old.


Mike Delfino - Norway

Gaby - Norway


Pierre - we lost this beauty , shoertly after this photo.

Lady Gaga - Poland

Jack Frost - South Africa

Diamonds Are Forever - 6 months old - stayed with us.


Varg Veum 7 months old - stayed with us

Sun Dancer JR - Norway


Devil In Disquis - Norway

Royal Lipstick

8 years old she became WORLD WINNER !

littersister Born This Way - Sweden

Christian Lacroix - stayed with us


Baby Its Cold Outside"


Wild Card - Norway


Lipstick and her 2 brothers , Little Black Bird and Solomon Kane

Born For The Catwalk - Norway


Baby Its Cold Outside! - Norway

Christian Lacroix 7 monthsd old - stayed with us


Angelina Jolie 7 months old - Norway

John Legend & Baby Its Cold Outside

John Legend


Sandstorm - Norway


All That I Want " Trulte" stayed with us

Iced Diamond - UK

Junior Winner and Kitten of The Year #1  in NRR !

Robert Cavalli - Norway


Bold and Beautiful  - Norway


Diva with Attitude - Norway

Iced Diamond and Diva with Attitude - UK and Norway


Kiss N'MakeUp - Norway


Born This Way - Sweden

Nina Ricci - Norway


Must Be Dreaming - stayed at home with us


Prince of Persia - Norway

Little Black Bird


Solomon Kane

All That I Want


Must Be Dreaming

From 2013 to 2016

Miss Hollywood - Norway

Rattatouli & Star Shine , Sweden & Norway






From 2017 to 2020

coming very soon


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