some of my kittens/cats born in 2008

Black Raven 14 month old


Black Raven 13 month old


MakeUp at 4 months, black girl who stays with us.

7 n a half months old black girl

Kiss & Make Up !

 2 months old black girl


Black Raven 4 months old

Black Raven 

2 months old black boy



7 n a half weeks old black boy 


4 months old, The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

2 months old black boy


You Stole My Heart - aka Stella

black white girl - 2 months old old

Stella has now moved to her new home in Bergen,

too Åse Langøen and the family. Bjørkåsen's Persian & Exitic


11 weeks old

10 weeks old

Pirat of the Sea - SOLD - Black white boy 

BabyPirat have now moved to his new home in Tromsø


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