"Believe in the impossible, then work, then try, then do.
For only those who dare to dream can make a dream come true"


We celebrate that we have been breeding under FIFe/NRR in 30 years this year - 2021




WW'19 SW`17 SP IC (N) Du Monet Royal Lipstick NFS, DSM

We are so very proud of our own homebreed beautiful neuter girl Lipstick !!

What a moment it was when she was World Winner in Freiburg in October 2019 !

A huge moment for me and my husband and some friends and collegues !

She is as I am told, the very first World Winning Persian in Norway !

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the judge who nominated her , Mr. Pereira from Brazil !

and thank you to all judges who voted on her in the panel, including Mr. Pereira :-)


A warm welcome to my homepage and lovely cats



E-MAIL : jannikke@gmail.com




Our memberships in 2021:

30 years in FIFe  - 20 years in CFA





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