Photo from Hansakattens show in Bergen 15 and 16 november 2014




On this show they had BOB all cats and kittens not neutered on saturday

and BOB between all neuters on sunday


They also had Best Clubcat Total neutered on saturday

and Best Clubcat Total not neutered on sunday



My red girl SC SW'14 (N) Du Monet Must Be Dreaming NFS NOM, Saturday she was BIS , BEST CLUBCAT CAT I + BOB all categories !!

Satu Hämmäläinen took her out to be Best of Best in show between adult and kittens all cats in show !

( not neuters as they took BOB neuter on sunday )

I am so proud of my girl !

Also her brother did well as he became BIS male both days ,

here he is with his proud mommy, Tove Mordal, from LIRAK

Another photo of them :-) GIC SW 12 '14 (N) Du Monet Prince of Persia JW, cream


This beautiful babyboy was BIS 4-7 months both days ! He is imported from Italy, from Falco'd Oro and this

was his first show in Norway, a good start !

Proud owner is Trine Johansen from NORAK

Sigrid with her very first exotic !  She was Best In Show 7-10 months both days in Bergen !

(N) Avonlea Dream's Isadora, EXO f

Proud owners are Sigrid and Rune Trygg, Hansakatten

Nominated in class 4-7 months both days !

Troll av Flamingo (N) Silvertabby exotic

Proud owners are Sigrid and Rune Trygg, Hansakatten

SP SW (N) Misty Oskar DSM was BIS neuter both days and Best Clubcat Neuter in Cat I saturday !

Proud owners are Gro-Elin Torvik and Bernt F Ask


IC (N) Sécurité Chaos was Nominated both day !

Proud breeders and owners are Sigrid and Rune Trygg


IP/SC SW (N) Herkule's Askepott was BIS neuter female both days !

Proud owner are Rita Hindenes, NORAK


PR/CH. (N) Du Monet Trouble On The Catwalk was nominated as neuter female both days !

Proud owner is Bjarte Birkeland, Hansakatten


Best Senior ( 7-10 years ) both days was PR/SC (N) Misty City Glam  !

Proud owner is Tove Mordal, LIRAK

Best Veteran ( 10 years and more ) both days was EC (N)Misty Lacoste Donna

Proud owner is Ingunn Elise Nitter-Nerland, RORAK


Loved this little girl ! She was the hardest competition on BOB on saturday as she was 2 runner up !

Sweet Jezzebell av Faalegaard (N) .

Proud owners are Trine, Trond Legaard, Bertelsen from NORAK


Åse and Mai in the secretery working hard. And as usual they did a great job !

So is Norma, and here she is counting all income :-)

Starting to get late , and Mai seem to fall a sleep so time for dinner !

A perfect end of the first day when we could have our first Christmas dinner !! It was delicios !

And for the brave ones...Bjarte also served us sheeps head !


Some are very happy for the taste of our tradition christmas dinner...other not so mutch I think :-)

It sure tasted good !

Our chairman Bjarte thougth that Mai and her staff had done a great job in the secretery !

And Norma had done so mutch in advance and at the show so some flowers to her as well :-)

Øyvind is here having a speak regarding the great results I have had on my red female this year, she was awarded for her Scandinaviam Winner title and her Supreme Champion title during 2014. It was highly appreciated !

Øyvind and me with one of the awards from the club :-)


A new day at the show:



Time to say hello to some visitors :-)

Must Be Dreaming aka Caramell love all kind of attention :-)

Here brother was a bit tiered this morning thow ... :-)

Caramell is ready for more attention :-)

Am I cute or not !! :-)

Yeas I am, says Zoe av Ulse  :-)


Jorunn with one of her Goldens from Tjekkia !


Oh mommy , they look at me !

Jay-C with mommy Åse , Nominated on Sunday !



Zilla av Ulse (N)

Zilla av Ulse (N) is Nominated !

This beautiful Singapura is owned by Linda Borge in Rorak

Bjarte with his new baby from Unn Else, Zilla av Ulse (N)

Jay-C av Ulse !

Isadora want to play but Chaos is still to tiered, to early in the morning for him :-)

Best in show again for Prince - and a hug from mommy :-)

Must Be Dreaming did it again !

Another BIS for the Italian babyboy :-)

Tigergutt in panel

Best in show again for Oskar !

BIS again for this beauty :-)

BIS and BOB Neuter sunday ! ( British shorthair - silver)

EP/EC WW 08 SW 08 (N) Holta's Apache Princess DSM DVM

Proud owner is Rita Hindenes, NORAK

My love and BIS - Best Cat 1 and BOB saturday and BIS , Best Clubcat Total on sunday !

SC SW (N) Du Monet Must Be Dreaming NFS - she is my dream ... :-)

For my red girl - Best Clubcat Total :-)










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