~ Rosekatten august 2007~


Du Monet Little Miss Drama NFS was Nominated for BIS both days.

IC Du Monet A Kings Tale was BIS both days

It is also time for playing at the show!

First time at a show for Drama

Elisabeth Taylor BIS neuter both days!


King in panel with judge Henry Hornell

Still in summercoat but all the judges voted for him!

My "king"

Elisabeth and Prada ( Prada was BIS too, on sunday)

Me and Elisabeth after the panel on sunday

Elisabeth in panel with judge Henry Hornell

Du Monet The Devil Wears Prada, my black girl - BIS sunday!


Results for my 5 cats:

King BIS male both days

Elisabeth BIS neuter female both days

Prada BIV and NOM saturday and BIS female on sunday

Stephanie, Nominated on suday

Little Miss Drama, Nominated both days in 3-6 month

Best breeder both days