RORAK & Jśrkatten 2002

Me holding Du Monet Beloved NFS

She gained several titles at this show on saturday as she become

BIS 6-10 months - BIS Clubcat Kat I and BOB Clubcat - total!

Proud owners are Bente Gundersen/Uno Persians, Stavanger

The proud owners, Bente and Arve/Uno

Also this little baby, Du Monet Champs EllyssÍs

was BIS kitten both days.

Proud owners are Virpi Havukaainen/BlueIces Persians in Finland

This young boy, Du Monet Giorgio Armani, here judged in the panel,

was BIS 6-10 months on sunday.

His littersister Du Monet Scandal was BIV and Nominated for BIS

And another from the same litter, Du Monet Jean Claude was

Nominated for BIS on Saturday.

Proud owners are Bente Gundersen/Uno Persians, Stavanger

Our black male, EC Du Monet Juli‚n NFS was BIV and Best In Show both days

Owners: Du Monet & Misty ( where he also lives)

IC Du Monet Kiss'n In The Dark was BOX both days

Du Monet CÍres was Nominated in the kitten class saturday

And so was Du Monet Very Valentino

Owner is Hilde M. Schjelderup/Cometcats

Beloved again.