~ Hansakatten June 2006~

(N) Du Monet All That And More NFS, tortie - 3 months old.

BIV, NOM, BIS 3-6 months, BIS total KAT I both days

and BEST OF BEST overall and Best of Best Clubcat on saturday!

My little princess All That and more - Best Overall Winner on her very first show!

EP (N) Du Monet Juličtte, tortie neuter

NOM, BIS neuter both days and Best of Best Overall Neuter saturday!

Owner: Mary-Ann Sundby - (N) Misty Persians

3 Best in Show winners up for the Best cat in Kat I on sunday

From right, (N) Du Monet All That And More NFS,tortie baby EP (N) Du Monet Juličtte, tortie neuter

and Best total Categori I Winner on sunday was EC (N)Du Monet Juliān NFS, black

Juličtte and Juliān are littersisters, and All That is out of theire big sister!

As you can understand I am very proud of this family:-)

"All That" again

(N) Du Monet A Kings Tale, red baby at 3 months

Nominated for BIS on sunday.

(N) Du Monet My Noble Snob, black baby boy

BIV and Nominated for BIS both days

(N) Du Monet Chevrolet, PER d 03 24

Nominated for BIS on saturday.