Here is all of our beloved neuters


Diamond 7-8 years old.

Diamond 5-6 years old

Diamond 6 years old

Diamond 8 months old

Diamond 6 months old

(N) Du Monet Diamond Are Forever, PER w 62




Around 5 Years

Around 4 years

Varg Veum double BIS again , this is in Bergen at Beraks show in february 2011, and is here being nominated by Sebastian P :-)

Around 2 years

Varg around 7 months.

Varg 5 1/2 month

Varg 4 month, and so tiny !

SC (N) Du Monet Varg Veum, DSM, red male

Multi BIS and BOB winner !

Dad is SC (N)Du Monet Ghost Story, black and mom is IC (N)Du Monet Shopping On 5th Avenue !



December 2015

Lipstick 2014

Lipstick around 3 months.

PR/IC.  (N)Du Monet Royal Lipstick NFS, PER f


Dad is (N)Du Monet Christian Lacroix, red and mom is CH. (N)Du Monet Love Attack NFS, black

Gina 4 years old

Gina 2015 - 2 years old

Gina 8 months old

4 months old

Gina 6 weeks old

(N) Du Monet Gina Lollobrigitta, PER w 62

Dad is IC PL*Almathea Versace, JW, black and mom is (N)Du Monet Diamonds Are Forever Coppereyed white.

Lovely around 7 year

Lovely around 2-3 years

Lovely Around 3 months old.

CH.(N) Du Monet Love Attack NFS . black


Dad is IC (N)Du Monet Playboy, coppereyed white and mom is (N)Du Monet Kiss'n In The Moonlight, black