(N) Du Monet Giulietta Masina

Color: White SEX: Female

 DOB : 10.06.2013

3th generation after PKD dna tested grandparents.

PKD negative  by DNA

Breeder/owner : Jannikke Madsen OrÝ

6 weeks on baby photo



IC PL*Almathea Versace JW, black

PKD negative

Kuorii Joe Black of Almathea JW, black

pkd dna negative

GC Scrimshaw Ruckus of Agonistes, DM, black

GC RW Boberan Shaq Attack of Scrimshaw, black

GC Agonistes Chaos of Scrimshaw, tortie

GC DW Digit Calandrina of Argentovivo, DM, black

GC DW Blueskyeye Onyx of Argentovivo, black

Think Pink Moonlight of Digit, black

Noblessa Come Fly With Me, tortie

pkd dna negative

GC Noblessa Absolut, black

GC,RW Bolo Bombs Away of Noblessa, red white

CH Noblessa Conchita, tortie
Noblessa Felicity, black tortie Jolee's Dewy of Noblessa, cew

GC, RW Noblessa Crescendo, tortie


(N)Du Monet Diamonds Are Forever cew

PKD negative

CH.Joleigh Outrider of Mandrake, red

pkd dna negative


Ch. Couronne Boy Wonder of Joleigh, black

Ch. Couronne Devil May Care of Midas, red

Ch. Barmont's Baby Face, bluecreme

GC Shan-Anne LA Hot Tamale, red

Anona Diamond Frost, CEW

Ch. Shan-Anne Gum Drop of Silver Circle, tortie

Squarossa's Sweet Sugar, cew

pkd dna negative


CH Iwanda's Gentle, White Copper-Eyed

GIC WW'98 Iwanda's Matador, Copper eyed white

Steeplechase Heidi, Red (Mackerel Tabby - non agouti)

Brederode's Dakota of Squarrosa, red


GIC Eddore Ztep it Up of Brederode, Red

Cinthina's Sally Cook of Brederode. Red