CH (N) Du Monet I am So Exited !

  Color:  Red  SEX: Male

 DOB : April 2015

Parents or grandparents have

PKD negative lines by DNA

Breeder : Jannikke M. Orø

Owner Norma Gjerde Landro and Nils Bjarne Landro

"Balder"  4-5 w on photo.

SC (N) Sècuritè Dressed Like Armani, DSM Black

PKD negative lines

(N)Misty Mc Dreamy, Cream white

(N)Brusvehagen White

Christmas JW ,

Coppereyed white

CH. (N)Brusvehagen Crazy Diamond, Black 

Bocasana's Marc Bolan

GIC (N)Sea Cat's Hyacinth

Nefra av Kan, Coppereyed white

EC Marcus Aurelius of Galaxy. cew

EC (N)Misty Tara, Black tortie

(N)Misty Sofisticated Lady

Dilute calico


IC S*Bocasana's Yankee Parts, Blue van

GC Vickits Diamante of Bocasana, Blue van

Dearborn On My Mind  Blue bloched tabby


(N)Misty Little Miss Muffin, Dilute calico

Figaro av Kan, Black-white, PER n 03

(N)Mixtur's Goldie Locks, PER ds

(N)Sècurité Amy, Calico

(N)Misty Archippus, Black

(N)Mushanga Mr.Boombastic, Black

IC S*Eddore Zip-Code , Red




Ch. Mushanga Joyride, Black

(N)Du Monet Mark My Spots, Black tortie

S*Snowdrop's Believe In Magic, Red




S*Nightingale's Destiny O'Mine ,Calico


Fritanga De La Encina*ES,

Calico hq

ES*Bad Morrong Flanagan, Red-white

Harwood Billy Two Hats, red hq




Ch. Harwood Julya of Kenfthis. tortieshell

Apaloossa United Colour Cat , Blue hq

Harwood Giorgio,blue hq


Tea United Colour Cat, blue hq

CH (N)Du Monet Diva With Attitude, Red

PKD neg


(N)Du Monet Christian Lacroix, Red, PKD negative

Melositos Black Attack of

Almathea, Black

PKD negative by dna

Melositos Ultima Emotion , Cream


Boberan Black Spade of Melositos, Black 


Golondrina B Maradan of Melositos, red

Melositos Maria Jamenez, Black


Boberan Black Spade of Melositos, Black


Joleigh Arwen of Melositos, brown tabby

CH. (N) Du Monet Shopping

On 5th Avenue, Red

PKD negative by dna



(N) Du Monet DeeJay



CH. Du Monet Red Jeans, red PKD negative

EC. Du Monet Trêsor NFS, Tortieshell

Squarossa's Sweet Sugar

Coppereyed white

CH Iwanda's Gentle, Coppereyed white

Brederode's Dakota of Squarrosa

(N)Du Monet Diamonds Are Forever NFS, cew

PKD negative

IC Joleigh Outrider, red

PKD negative by DNA


CH Couronne Boy Wonder, black

CH Couronne Devil May Care of Midas

CH Barmont's Baby Face of Couronne , bluecream

GC Shan-Anne LA Hot Tamale, red

Anona Diamond Frost, cew

CH Shan-Anne Gum Drop of Silver Circle

Squarossa's Sweet Sugar

White Copper-Eyed

PKD negative by DNA


 Iwanda's Gentle, White Copper-Eyed

GIC WW'98 Iwanda's Matador, cew


Steeplechase Heidi, red

Brederode's Dakota of Squarrosa , PER d

GIC S*Eddore Ztep It Up of Brederode, red

Chintina's Sally Cook of Brederode, red



Copyright by (N) Du Monet 2015